About Us

The Haggis and the Herring started out as the website for our wedding, bringing our families and friends together for a big night of celebration and good food.

When it was all over, we wanted to continue the good times and the good food and this food blog was born.

Many of the recipes on this blog have been tested by our friends and family at  Friday night dinners.

If you've tried one of our recipes please tell us in the comments or email us. If you've taken a picture, please email it or send us the link and we'll link to your blog and credit the photo to you.

About Dan

I discovered that I enjoyed cooking when I was a young teenager and my uncle taught me how to grill mako shark. When I moved to Peterborough to attend university, the crowd I hung out with preferred dinner parties over pubs and we spent many weekend evenings cooking for hours, talking and drinking cheap wine.

After I met Meredith, she encouraged me to take some culinary arts courses at George Brown College just for fun, and Chef Lola Csulog-Fernandez introduced me to a more in-depth world of Mediterranean and Spanish regional cuisine.

To continue the adventure of trying new things, I started publishing some of my favourite recipes and testing new ones and publishing them on this blog.

About Meredith

I'm a personal travel consultant, a baker and a knitter. I learned to knit when I was young and picked it up again a few years ago. What started out as re-learning to make a scarf blossomed into hats, gloves, blankets, lessons in socks, lace, and many new friends in the Toronto (and Canadian) knitting scene.

Follow me on Facebook, Twitter @MeredithTravel, and @BlueSweater on Ravelry.

Email us

Email us at info@haggisandherring.com if you have questions, something you'd like to share, or just to say hi.
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