Sunday, January 23, 2011

The last of my basil

The first weekend in October got cold. I noticed that the basil in the garden was dying and I started to panic.

That weekend also happened to be immediately after Girlchef's Grow Your Own roundup was posted. Basil and tomatoes were showcased in several of the recipes (including my bruschetta!).

Anyway, about halfway through the roundup, I saw a recipe for basil-honey dressing from Shockinglydelicious. Moments later, I ran out the door, rescued what was left of the basil and made the dressing. It tastes amazing and it's a great way to use your basil if you've already had your fill of tomatoes (or opted out becuase pine nuts were just too expensive this year).

Recipe: Basil-honey Dressing

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  1. Oh I do like your blog title. Do you have Scottish links seeing that Tomorrow is Robert Burns Night and Scotland will be praising 'ode to ye haggis'.

    I have not combined basil with honey yet, sounds like a great dressing.

  2. Going to the Scottish butcher to pick up the haggis tomorrow morning! Hopefully there's some left.

    Hope you try the basil dressing - the recipe will be posted on Wednesday.


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