Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trying it Thursday

Well, not really. I just needed to make something up for this random Thursday post.

I suck at making maki, but when scavenging in the pantry for lunch on Monday, I found sushi rice and seaweed. I have no idea how long they've been there. It moved with us.

Anyway, I usually make a mess of maki, mainly because I never let the rice cool properly. But it was only 11:00 a.m., and I had a snack so I could wait.

Not too shabby, huh?

The wasabi was fiery. Prepared from a tube, it had Meredith jumping up and down in her chair. Perfect nonetheless.

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  1. Not too shabby, indeed. :) Those look great.

  2. They usually turn out all wrinkled and shrivelled, so for me, these were photo-worthy.

  3. Wow, they look fabulous! And there's a lot of filling packed into them, yum. I love that you had sushi rice and seaweed lying around your pantry to use up!

    Hungry Jenny x

  4. I'm really fortunate that the grocery stores in Toronto cater to the local communities. My neighbourhood happens to be a good mix of South-Asian, Chinese, and Persian families. There are two large Chinese grocers close by and even the No-Frills (discount store, no fancy products or packaged foods) carries a wide variety of spices, breads, and other things.


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