Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart

pretzel and marshmallow brownies 

I love her so much I'll bake for her.

She loves me so much she'll eat what I bake.

Thank you instant cake-in-a-box and inspiration from Squirrel Bakes.

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  1. Hey Dan,
    Happy birthday to your wife! The first two lines of your post show how cute yet deep bond u share.
    Regarding mustard oil....its abundantly available in Indian grocery stores in US..if you still dont find it, I suggest olive or seasme oil.Please dont use canola or vegetable oil.The point is using a oil with a pungent, slightly strong flavor!
    I hope u ll make it and will like it.

  2. How sweet that you made these for your wife! I saw these on Squirrel Bakes and thought they were so delicious sounding! Save one for me! Happy Birthday to your wife!

  3. Yum!! These look awesome! Great birthday treat =)

  4. sweet of you..Many happy returns to your wife:)

    US Masala

  5. Beautiful birthday treats and such a sweet, succinct post! Happy birthday to your wife. If she's like me she'll stretch her birthday celebration out as long as she can. ;-) Thanks so much for stopping by gfe and leaving a comment. :-)


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