Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shana Tovah! Sweet Sadie's honey cake

A bonus post for the holidays.

I'm a very lucky guy. When I left for work this morning, Meredith snuck into the kitchen and made a honey cake, but not just any honey cake. She made Sweet Sadie's honey cake: the best honey cake ever.

Meredith and I helped Penny make the marzipan bees she used on hers. Meredith clearly didn't have time for that this morning, considering she was busy at work while the cake was baking. I can't wait to bite into it.

Have a sweet and happy new year from the Haggis and the Herring.

Recipe: Sweet Sadie's honey cake

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  1. Shana Tovah to you guys! This cake looks fantastic and I love the architecture of it! Very professional.

  2. Thank you!

    Meredith used a mould from Williams-Sonoma, it's great! (obviously didn't use the recipe)

    It took Meredith a couple of times to get the planing right (cutting the "top" from the cake so the sides glue together properly). It turned out perfect!

  3. Dan, thanks for visiting my blog and posting comment. For the potato recipe, you don't HAVE to use non-stick pan, but it is better. If you keep heat low, heavy bottomed steel pan will also work.

  4. Oooooh, that looks so beautiful!!! I love the idea of the orange. In mine, the coffee flavor isn't pervasive, but I think it definitely contributes to the whole ....

  5. That cake is stunning and honey cake is such a delightful treat.

    I can't find your recipe, you linked to My Meatless Mondays. Thanks for linking but I would love the recipe.


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