Sunday, September 26, 2010

Leftover pumpernickel and stuff from the garden

After a small carton of tomatoes from various friends and family landed on our doorstep and my mother-in-law brought some planters full of basil, I was left pondering how to eat it all.

When I looked in the fridge and saw a beautiful half-eaten pumpernickel languishing, I fired up Google for some ideas.


Now making a good bruschetta is actually far more complicated than it looks, and I wasn't prepared for that. A wise chef once told me, "if it's not going to look pretty, or you're going to cust some corners (like not peeling the tomatoes), just call it "rustic" and it'll be fine.

So I did.

Recipe: Rustic Tomato Basil Bruschetta on Pumpernickel

This post is also part of Grow Your Own #45 hosted by Girlichef.

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  1. hello Dan,
    Liked the quote from that wise chef...going by that I would always call my recipes rustic :)

  2. Rustic is one of my favorite words to describe food...rustic and real and wonderful! This sounds and looks (you should totally attach the picture here so others can drool) awesome! Thank you for submitting it to GYO this month =)


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