Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cold snap in the UK spikes haggis sales

I've worked in the media before and generally, it's a big no-no to to cut-and-paste press releases as a substitute for news. I'm not going to do that (completely).

Earlier this week, Meredith and I received a personal email from Mr. Thomas Knorpp of Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd in the UK with an attached press release about a correlation in a change in weather, upcoming Halloween celebrations, and haggis sales. They also stock not one, but five different varieties. Interesting indeed.

If I wasn't in such a fog with the new baby, wrapping up work, and other related house work, I'd probably give Mr. Knorpp a ring hello thanking him for the email (thank you Vonage and your free calls to the UK), get a few extra tidbits of information for this article and hit him up for some product for my favourite chefs across the pond, Lee and Uncle Chris (since, I imagine, Royal Mail would refuse to send haggis from Sainsbury's to me, in Canada).

Sadly, I need to go to bed instead. So here's the bulk of the article from Mr. Knorpp. Enjoy!
Frosty snap drives spike in Haggis sales as Sainsbury's hits record
October 21, 2010
A lovely plate of haggis and what I imagine is mashed swede or potatoes.
Gosh, I miss the UK! --Dan
This week Sainsbury's announces a record increase in sales of Haggis as figures mark a 168% increase year on year following the drop in temperatures.
Seen as the traditional dish of Scotland, Haggis is historically consumed around Burn's night served with neeps and tatties. But this week, Sainsbury's has sold around 7,000 haggis', largely due to people stocking up on the traditional dish due to the cold weather and family feasts like Halloween.
Temperatures sit 5 degrees lower than this time last year and this immediately affects consumers eating habits. Unlike other retailers, Sainsbury's sells five types of Haggis all year round in its Scottish stores and has helped drive further sales.
This year Sainsbury's expects total Halloween sales across costumes, party accessories and themed food to exceed £10 million, after increasing its range by 100% in the past three years.
Steve Wallace, Sainsbury's Scottish buyer, said: "Haggis is versatile and a great source of protein, whilst providing a warming dish as autumn starts to kick in.
"We suspect that its popularity is due to the temperature snap, it is 5 degrees colder this week, than the same week last year.
"In the run up to Halloween - we know people are holding more big parties and are obviously laying on a traditional feast for their friends and family."
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