Sunday, October 10, 2010

Taking the easy way out with a good idea

When I saw Brenda Desousa's Grilled Cheeseburger recipe, my mouth started to water. Of course, Brenda did it with homemade burgers and a homemade buttermilk bread.

It didn't take long for my opportunity to appear and I made my own, less-fresh-ingredients version. I couldn't afford the luxury of freshly baked bread and freshly ground meat this particular Thursday evening. Instead, I used frozen meat patties (that turned out quite yummy, thanks President's choice), and store-bought bread (Country Harvest). At least I didn't use Wonderbread :-)

I must say that the result was very tasty despite not having hand-made burgers, and the Country Harvest bread holds up very well in the pan absorbing the flavours well and frying up nicely.

Recipe: Grilled Chicken Cheeseburgers

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