Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New at the Haggis and the Herring: Jeremy Nathan Saraga

Jeremy Nathan Saraga was born on October 13 at 12:39 a.m.

Extra special thanks to the excellent nurses and doctors in the labour and delivery, neonatal intensive care and mother and baby units at North York General Hospital in Toronto. There are too many names to mention, but we thank them with all our hearts.

Needless to say, I might be offline for a while in terms of catching up on my favourite food blogs and I hope I have the time to at least post to Meatless Mondays and Hearth and Soul Tuesdays. But don't despair! I've prepared posts ahead of time so you'll still get your regular Sunday and Wednesday posts from us.

As a present for my readers, I've saved up this bonus post that I wrote about six hours before Meredith's water broke:

During Thanksgiving weekend, we stopped by a small Scottish shop in Burlington. It was time to put my money where my mouth is and buy some haggis.

Now for the Jewish contingent, a haggis is kinda like a kishka - intestines or stomach stuffed with oatmeal, ground organ meat (liver, kidney, maybe heart), onions and pepper. It tastes fantastic.

We picked up two smaller haggis made at the But 'N' Ben Butchers in Scarborough - fairly close to home. It was a long way for a haggis to travel.

On the Monday after Thanksgiving it was time to cook the haggis. Without any instructions, all I knew was that the haggis needed to be boiled. I also knew that since it wasn't huge, it probably didn't need to cook for hours.

I decided to serve the haggis with boiled potato, peas and (I couldn't resist) a side of pickled herring. I boiled the potato and haggis together for about 45 minutes before serving.

Recipe: Haggis and Herring

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  1. Naaaaw - too cute! Now do you have a recipe for that?
    Sue :-)

  2. Mazel tov to you both! He's gorgeous!
    Nancy & Ralph

  3. Oh, what a beautiful, gorgeous baby!!! I friended you on FB just in time -- I would have hated to miss this! Gotta love that name, too -- I can personally attest that Jeremy is perfect for a son ... :) Mazal tov!!!

  4. So cute! Congratulations! Hope you'll be posting more pics soon!

    Hungry Jenny x

  5. Oh my gosh MEGA congrats! I didn't even know that you guys were expecting! He's a cutie!

  6. Good grief, I'm way behind! Almost a week late. I'm so sorry I didn't see this sooner Dan. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What a cutie!! Oh how exciting! Best wishes to all of you!!

  7. And I'm even further behind than that, but Congratulations to you both!! What a beautiful little boy!!

  8. First of all that baby is ADORABLE - I am sure he is getting BIG!! I didn't know that haggis was an actual food - LOL - just thought it was your catchy blog title! It really looks good, I am sure though I will never find any in rural IN where I live! Thanks for linking this to the Hearth and Soul Hop!

  9. @Christy: LOL. Yes, that mysterious creature, the haggis :-) There's so much to learn if you've never seen one (including the folklore that it's an actual creature).

    I'll be you'd be able to find haggis relatively close by, or, depending on what side of the state you're near, there's in Indiana, and I imagine there are several places in Chicago.

  10. I love this photo! Having already been exposed to the "little sausages" toes, this is beautiful. I also gift to you my worldly share of Haggis. I won't be needing it!


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