Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh deer, that's a lot of food

Right before starting the parental leave, I was speaking to a colleague about the upcoming hunting season.

Read more: Deer Beer Pumpkinhead Chili (Venison, Pumpkin and Lager Chili)

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  1. LOL, luvs me some Looney Tunes! (is that spelled right!?) Parental leave? Are you having a baby?? Off to drool over the recipe...thanks for sharing it w/ the hearth and soul hop this week, Dan :D

  2. Very cute dan! LOL- i commented on the recipe, but wanted to ask you if you have a twitter account, please let me know so I can add you to the hearth and soul hop daily twitter list and your articles will then be included in our daily magazine of all hop members! You can follow me @amoderatelife and then I will add you. Alex

  3. @Alex: I'm @Haggis_herring - all of my extras (Twitter, Facebook, etc), are on the Subscribe link (I'm actually already following you). I post links to interesting recipes and other food related stuff (mostly recipes) on weekdays that don't include a regular post. Cheers!

  4. lol...this is a great place to visit! Your recipe is a bonus. Thank you for sharing.
    Miz Helen

  5. My husband and I just had some lovely deer burgers last night! Not quite as unique as your deer beer pumpkin chili! Wow, thats a mouthful and I'm sure its tasty!

  6. I love venison and this chilli sounds delicious. I used some venison mince a couple of weeks ago to make my first ever sloppy joes - awesome.

    Sue :-)

  7. Dan, I didn't thank you last week for bringing this to Friday Potluck, but Thank You!!! I'm featuring you today! :)


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