Sunday, November 28, 2010

Appetizers for a family housewarming

Some of the last few recipes published here were served at a small dinner for Meredith's uncle, aunt and mom during Labour Day weekend. Meredith and I were busy in and out of the kitchen between having fun with Jacob, cleaning and hanging pictures.

Thinking we didn't have enough food, Meredith decided that we didn't have enough food to serve (note: we always have more than enough) so she started making these yummy bread-sticks from whole-wheat pizza dough and some basil from the garden. We served it with some of the pizza sauce my mom made from scratch during her annual tomato sauce festival with her friends.

So good.

Recipe: Pizza-dough Bread Sticks with Fresh Basil

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  1. Whole wheat bread sticks with basil sounds really healthy. Thanks for the follow. I've been trying to understand your Scottish connection since you name your Blog Haggis and herring. Is there any?

  2. Meredith's background is Scottish (in addition to Welsh and English).

    We actually got inspiration from a Toronto Jewish Film Festival poster we saw several years back that said "Whether you like haggis or herring," meaning that the festival draws a broad audience and appeal.

  3. Over cooking I think is every cooks dillema, God forbid everyone does not get seconds or thirds or fourths. The breadsticks sound amazing...

  4. Using pizza dough to make breadsticks sound phenomenal. (I have never made breadsticks.) You do have interesting recipes that sound delicious.

    Thanks for linking to My Meatless Mondays.


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