Monday, September 12, 2011

Hank Daddy's Barbecue Pulled Pork Parfait

I've been going to the Barrie Auto Flea Market with my uncle for nearly 30 years now (with the occasional year or trip missed).

Historically, food at this event is pretty terrible. Carnival grade burgers, hot dogs, fries and pizza was about it for years, until a couple years ago. When it's lunch-time, we now go to Hank Daddy's Barbecue.

Hank Daddy's offers pulled pork sandwiches, barbecued chicken sandwiches, smoked sausages and sides of baked beans, mashed potatoes and cole slaw. They make their own barbecue sauce and sell it by the bottle.

The kitchen/trailer was bustling and there was a decent line. It's not the fastest moving line, but it's absolutely worth it.

Oh, I forgot to mention one other item on their menu - they also off the pulled pork parfait. I just had to try it. So I did:

Did I mention that this is the small-sized
pulled pork parfait?
The pulled pork parfait is a work of barbecue art. For $6, you get a layer of pulled pork, barbecue sauce, mashed potatoes, more barbecue sauce, a second layer of pulled pork, more barbecue sauce, another big dollop of mashed potatoes (yes, more barbecue sauce, there's a pattern), a little more pulled pork, sauce, and it's topped off with a few baked beans.

It was great, and it beats the pants off the food offered by other vendors.

If you're interested in cars or flea markets, you can also check the album on my photo blog.

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  1. At first I thought it was an ice cream cone filled with pulled park. Such a fun/funny way to serve it. Glad it was delicious.


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