Monday, February 14, 2011

Gotta get that boom-boom-potato

I can't stand the Black Eyed Peas. I won't listen to them in a car or on a train. In a house or on a plane. I don't like them Wil I Am, I do not like them. But I laughed when Perez Hilton got what was coming to him from the head Pea (maybe a little more - a punch to the nose might be excessive).

I do, however, like to eat black eyed peas, and when I saw a sweet potato dip that was basically potatoes and beans, I grabbed a can of black-eyed peas and went to work running with the concept.

Unfortunately, I forgot about what to dip into it, so I ended up with toast sticks (so the picture is a little funny). It didn't taste as I expected (i.e., not great for a dip), but served warm it's perfect for a side-dish at the holiday table.

Recipe: Sweet Potato and Black Eyed Peas

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  1. Good idea. Too about about your dislike of the band. Heard that they really screwed up the superbowl this year. Also hear that because of the past "rap" bands performance in the superbowl that they won't have those "artists" playing anymore.

  2. I rather enjoy the black eyed pees, they were pretty good during the Superbowl. Though I've never considered eating them!


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