Friday, February 18, 2011

The infrequent fish

I really like eating fish, however, I don't enjoy cooking it. I usually over- or under-cook it, or it ends up tasting funny. My ideal fish dinner is at a good seafood restaurant or at a fellow foodie's home where I'm not cooking.

Meredith recently asked me to start buying more fish. Last week, I happened to find giant frozen salmon fillets on sale and brought one home for dinner that evening with our friend, Sue. After looking at a few baked salmon recipes, I took the method from one place, and ingredients from a couple of others and devised my own concoction.

Recipe: Asian Baked Salmon

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  1. I never used to like to cook fish either. My mom was allergic to fish when I was a kid, so she never cooked it much for us, because it meant that she'd have to make something else for herself. My one-time Japanese roommate introduced me to salmon, and I've since branched out to other fillets. Try tilapia - it has a good firm flesh that handles seasoning well and doesn't fall apart. I usually bread with panko and pan cook.

  2. We really like Tilapia, actually. It's just a little pricey sometimes. I hadn't thought about panko breading - that would be very yummy.

  3. I very rarely cook fish - for all of your reasons - I do love it though. I love how you came up with this recipe - it sounds like a winner. Thanks for sharing this with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop!


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