Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hungry Jenny's Fish Cakes, Chips and Peas

Fish cakes, chips, mushy peas and coleslaw.
It was just me and the little guy tonight and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I saw a great dinner at Hungry Jenny's and I had even done some preparation last night. The peas were already in the fridge soaking and the fish was defrosted.

Not thinking that it might be a little hectic making fish cakes, chips and mushy peas while at the same time entertaining and feeding a nine-month-old, I went full-steam ahead. As a result, I only partially followed Jenny's instructions. For instance, her recipe is titled Baked Fishcake and Mushy Pea Supper. The key word being "baked." I neglected to bake both the fries and the fish cakes and ended up frying them in a pan - a much less healthy option. Whoops!

Anyway, since I was a bit all over the place, I didn't do a bang-up job documenting this adventure. I'll probably try it again. I can tell you that for the fish, I poached some Scottish Haddock, used a couple eggs and used additional flour since I couldn't find the breadcrumbs. The chips were pan fried (very yummy, by the way), and the peas turned out very well as I let them sit for a bit in the pot after adding a bit of mint and sugar and having a go at them with a potato masher.

I also made a major discovery: Jeremy is very much like his mother. He'll eat just about anything, but he's definitely not a fan of peas. I mean, I know he's not a fan of strained peas - he was never as eager to eat them as other vegetables. However, I gave him a big spoonful of them and he made a face like I've never seen! I wish I had my camera on me for it.

Anyway, please take a look at the real thing, visit Hungry Jenny's Baked Fishcake and Mushy Pea Supper.

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  1. Oh the joys of trying to manage three different things cooking of the stove top and manage a 9-month old as well. I think you did well getting anything on the plate and it looks pretty good too :-)

  2. Oh how my parents would love me if I made mushy peas and chips. Since they live in youyr neck of the woods I will send them the recipe.

  3. Hi Dan

    Good effort! I read back through my recipe after reading this and thinking perhaps I made it sound overcomplex - it's one of those dishes where you have to do several things at once! I will amend the steps to make it clearer :-)

    By the way, you can just blitz 5-6 slices of bread in a food processor if you can't get hold of the packaged breadcrumbs.

    Hungry Jenny x

  4. PS I've amended the recipe now to hopefully make it clearer - let me know if you try it out again one day..!


    Hungry Jenny x

  5. Oh, it was perfectly clear already! I was just doing too many things at once when the baby and the dog were factored in :-)

    And it tasted great anyway. Next time it'll also be healthier since it'll be baked, not fried.

  6. Dan this look absolutely nice!! gloria


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