Friday, March 18, 2011

Last-minute baking panic!

Unlike throwing together a quick meal, it's difficult to bake at the last minute. Or, at least, it's difficult to bake what you want from scratch at the last minute. The butter needs to be softened, some cookie recipes require refrigeration after mixing, the list goes on.

With guests arriving for dinner on a busy day for Meredith, there wasn't time for anything that caused delays (after all, I still needed the oven to cook dinner). Meredith and I scoured Cook, Eat, Share for something both tasty and relatively quick, and we finally found something with two of my favourite flavours - chocolate and peanut butter. I hope everyone whom Meredith helped today understood that dessert was at stake here!

Meredith finished just in time for me to start supper.

Recipe: Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares

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  1. Dan! Don't you just love Cook Eat share for things like oh my god I need a kale recipe? LOL So glad you were able to figure it all out and enjoy your visit with friends. Will stop over and check out the recipe. Thanks for posting on the hearth and soul hop! :) Alex

  2. I do love CES. I've had some technical problems with them lately, but I'm coping. I hope they fix things on their end because the site is pretty good.


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