Friday, March 25, 2011

Pancake followup

As promised, Meredith made Jacob and I pancakes from my Valentine's Day gift.

The Williams-Sonoma molds are pretty awesome. They don't stick if you use them according to the instructions and the resulting pancakes look great.

Meredith and I had plain pancakes (with jam) and she made some chocolate-chip ones for Jacob.

Recipe: Williams-Sonoma Star Wars Pancakes

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  1. Those moulds look fun. I just did a post on Kids in the Kitchen. do check

  2. I have to feature this recipe, Dan. I love these molds. What a fun time, it must be, using them. Thanks for linking this up.

  3. Thanks so much.

    They're great, and they are actually better than the other molds that I have - they don't stick when they're treated properly.


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